New Moon in Aries (are you feeling it!)

Finally the shift is happening, as we go into the Aries Moon. Moving on has been difficult for most but now it is important to make the shift, close the door on the past and embrace the new. We are all being upgraded so are you ready!

Love, work, relationships, whatever you are waiting on you will find the answers in April/May.

You wishes are being granted! Finally balance and harmony is ahead.

I do not know about you, but I have been tired, tired of people, tired of social media, just tired! So I am pleased to be moving into this new moon. Unlock your potential in this full moon.

This moon is about holding space. Focusing on self, balance and negotiations around work.

First, look after yourself first, then you have the energy for others.

Relationships will see emotional upsets due to the past but this is useful for dealing with conflict, finally!

Ensure your boundaries are clear.

Social Media,- take a break or ensure you have boundaries. Social media distorts the reality.

It is important to protect your mental health.

This full moon is a call to action on what you may have been struggling with, a time to resolve, change and manifest.

As you create your reality at this time, it is time to start afresh in this leadership energy. Live from the inside out, rather than outside in. Do not be influenced by others, find your way. What do I predict? A radical change in the environment, human rights, leadership, accountability. Assertiveness/anger/new information/new perception. I am strong on shining the light on situations. Be aware of the light being shone on relationships as healing occurs. Social Justice will be highlighted in this phase. ( Do we have social justice?) I do not think so. This year we will see a lot of change in the law, as social justice empathises. A drive for radical change is ahead, lots of choices. Dive into your heart not the head in this cycle. Wouldn’t it be great to see heart focused decisions!

  • Brigid @Blackcattarotnz for readings

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