Self Care during Lockdown

 In a year of planning and creating a reprieve occurred, where 2021 was unfolding to be the way it was planned to be. A year of creation was beginning, granted a few months later but it was happening. The America‚Äôs Cup, Round the Bays, Auckland Lantern Festival, local markets, concerts and going to see your favourite comedian, musician, restaurants, friends we were finally starting to celebrate life again. As we prepare for our Sunday morning activities, just like a vehicle following too closely as you break at a red light, the sudden intermittent changing of levels smashes into our awakening. Collectively we are halted, midstream, in limbo as we take a moment to realise, we must STOP. We reach for the gearstick and reverse back into the safety of our lane, as we collect our thoughts. Online daters, finally meeting the love of their lives, put away their Sunday best. Event organisers, who are now risk and health and safety experts, open up their phones to start the phone tree, businesses, who have prepared for Sunday visitors, all standing still in the collective silence as the motorways empty and the birds come out in celebration. Once again, we STOP.

People who live out of Auckland are watching the news, bemused as they go about their business, secretly hoping that no Aucklanders are amongst their own community, parading in disguise with a fake southland lilt. As we go in and out of Lockdown you must remain strong, be patient, kind and understanding. Yeah yeah!

As you awaken to further restrictions, even introverts, who love Covid, will struggle with the intermittent changing of levels. It is OK to be angry. It is OK to wake up and say W…T….F and it is OK to think evil thoughts. Why not? We are only human. Our year 2021, the year of possibilities, was going to be the year to create, to plan, to seek out love, careers, and perhaps a new way of living.  

A covid level change can rattle your internal drive, it can mess with your demeanour and challenge your wallet. No words can change the way you feel. It is OK to feel whatever it is you feel. 2020 was Annus horribilis but there is still hope that 2021 can be annus mirabilis. Do what I have done. Complete Netflix!  – Brigid Curran. Black Cat Tarot

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