Online Readings, do they work?

Psychic Medium Brigid.

Covid 19 saw me turn my business into an online business. I was confident that it would work the same as face to face as I had worked online in the past and had done psychic hotline back in the day. Going online allowed me to reach out to a wider community in a time where people were going through transition.

As a Medium I can provide advice and reading through a phone call, video or email makes no difference.

There is a myth that online readings are not as effective because of the lack of physical connection. Online or Remote readings are as accurate as a face to face visit and offer several advantages over meeting in person.

How does remote connection work?

It works the same way as a face to face reading. Once permission is given by the client the medium connects with you and the spirit. It takes some practice to be able to do this but most experienced mediums are more than capable of achieving this.

The advantages to remote readings.

You are in the comfort of your own space, allowing you to be more open when you are comfortable.

I actually find I am more information coming to me as I am not distracted, I have the same accuracy as an in-person reading.

A remote reading, for me, is real proof of a clear connection as I am not subconsciously influenced by perceptions. As humans we could pick up on your concerns or status that could influence a reading. The less I know about you means a more unbiased session. ( I like my guides to be tested and I always ask my clients to be honest if they are not understanding the messages)

There are no time or availability constraints.

Technology makes it easier to get readings without having to schedule an appointment or travel. With email readings, you can ask your question anytime and I will send you an answer to read at your convenience.

Phone or video readings still need scheduling, but it is still more convenient and comfortable for those seeking a reading to do that than scheduling a meeting. Some people feel more relaxed in their home with the distance of a video or phone chat. Plus, travel and in some cases accomodation costs you are save and that makes psychic readings much more affordable and time friendly for you.

Online reading is a great way to access advice if you feel awkward about it. It provides distance and privacy many people need allowing you to seek the advice you need. Plus you are not rushed when the next client arrives!

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