A Day in the Life of a Psychic Reader

Meet Brigid and Wednesday

Most of my day is spent talking to people. Emotions can run high so I must always remain balanced and grounded. I am so fortunate that I have great clients who have a wonderful sense of humor and because of this, the sessions are not intense.

I have been doing this type of work for a long time now and I have heard every remark. It does not phase me anymore as often the remarks come from fear of the unknown. I am always up for a client who is a skeptic and often wonders why they come for a reading. I will add, once they have connected with their loved ones and guides, they end up blown away and will book again.
Back in the day comments from ‘non-believers’ were quite bullish, I was always surprised how nasty people could be, however, times have changed as we see science and spirituality evolving and becoming one.
Often, I get asked who do I channel? What are the guides names? Do I believe in Fairies?
All readers are different. I do not get caught up in who my guides are, as they are doing a job for me and every client has a different connection. I am a straightforward person, naturally, so my readings are presented this way, therefore I get asked to do a lot of business readings. So, when it comes to Fairies, I have not seen one, but I know lots of people who have.
Most good readers have a code of ethics, this is their own personal conduct that has been agreed with their guides whilst developing.
My main ones are I will never read for a person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
I will never read a person who has not given permission.
I will never do unethical remote readings. (Meaning, check up on the Ex and see what they are doing) I firmly believe if I breach my code of ethics I will be spiritually shut down. Meaning I would not be able to assist my clients.
My clients are mainly business people. Probably because of the nature of my background in business. I have practical skills that the guides will use as well so we can focus on speciality areas.
Most of my readings are around Conflict in relationships, Mental Health, Suicide and Depression
Areas around work where transition has hit. Saying that your guides will turn up and talk to you about whatever is going on.
I sometimes get asked about missing people or animals? If the person looking asks me personally, it can be answered, again we cannot jump into people’s life without permission.
Also, keep in mind, if you have ever been to a public mediumship show and you wanted a loved one to come through and they didn’t. Ask yourself, are they likely to be that confident to speak in public, if not, then do not expect them to turn up. I will often be giving a reading and must coax the person who has passed to talk to me, as they do not know me. Eventually, the loved one will hear the voice of the client and then it is all on!! You cannot shut them up!
If you have never been to a psychic, or you are a skeptic, talk to one first, see how you feel. If you feel comfortable and open, watch the magic happen.
30 years down the track it still blows my mind. Believe me, I am a skeptic too!

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