No more Lip Service

From the Deck that Brigid created, 44 Days to Tranformation and Kyle Gray Deck

We are heading into the 6th Month. This represents happiness, harmony and stability. This, the number six, is also associated with responsibility, especially those involved in family obligations.
This is a time for relationship building, from the local shopkeeper to the people close to you. The way you communicate will benefit you as you move into the new month. This is a karmic month where the truth will come out in all situations. This is usually confirmed when you watch the news and the theme appears to be accountability. If you have been unkind, manipulative or untruthful, this will be the month where ‘it’ will unfold. What ‘it’ looks like, only you know.
As you let go of the reason you have to be right, regardless of who is or who isn’t, does it matter, holding on will not serve you well? If it does matter to you and you want to remain right, then be prepared to be stuck for the next month.
A new month, a new moon, a new beginning. Have that wellness conversation with those around you. If they do not want to have it then move on. Might be time to say goodbye to fair-weathered friends as yell. If you have hundreds of friends on social media, how many of them are your true friends? Or is it number building? Why do you feel the need to feel liked by those who, if you pass in the street would not know you? June is a time to clear out the clutter in your home, head and heart, allowing you to move ahead in a carefree and authentic manner.


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