When you meet your Twin Flame

My personal account of a twin flame

When you are on your spiritual path, you are learning all the time.  People come into your life to show you parts of themselves, regardless of whether you are aware of this. Often, they are mirrors reflecting what we are missing about ourselves.  Some leave an impact; some do not. I learnt about twin flames in quite a brutal manner, I thought. 

I was having a conversation with a friend based on missed opportunities.    My life has not been an easy one, and when I look back, I often wonder if I did not have the depth I have today would I be so affected by it.   The conversation continued about how we would have conducted our lives differently with relationships, money and family.  There was no rhyme nor reason as to why we were reminiscing about our losses; it was just that sort of day.  My friend is not a spiritual person, so our conversation was quite different which was interesting.  His were more what he lost materialistically, where mine was quite different, it was hard to explain, but it felt like I had lost my sense of true contentment and happiness. 

When we got home, I started to feel quite miserable and started to cry. It was one of those moments where it felt good to cry, but you had no real reason to be crying like that.  The next day I had pulled myself together and got into my day. Still feeling shell shocked as to why I was so upset.  I opened my computer and fell upon Twin Flames.  I read that a twin flame can be a person who connects with you and is the catalyst for you to make a change. I had completed writing a book based on cyclic events that occur every 7-years.   My book. Transform your Psyche had dealt with everything I had gone through.  But the more I read about twin flames, the more I realised that although I had dealt with my past by acknowledging why it had to happen.    I had not had a jolly good cry about it. 

What had happened was I made a connection with a person who was going to instigate my healing, unbeknown to him.  What I had been experiencing was that feeling of broken dreams and lost opportunities. I was mulling over my past and become lost in wishing that I had acted or chosen differently.   I had never acknowledged and grieved my losses.  But I was also fearful of the future and because I was busy doing my spiritual work, I had overlooked my own healing.

A twin flame is an energetic energy that has come into your life, holding that mirror up to allow you to look within yourself.  My friend was the twin flame, the catalyst for me to do this. Excerpt from Finding the Psychic within Brigid Curran

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