Ask for proof and see what happens.

One day I asked for proof of Spirit living on this earth. I forgot I asked that question and then one day when I was taking photos, I noticed this image when I uploaded the photos on my computer. Brigid Curran

This was in 2009, and I have never been able to do it again. (Now let’s watch as Spirit will prove me wrong again)

So even if you were not born with the ability to ‘see’ understand that spirit will present itself to you when it feels like it.

This property was on spiritual land. The spirit you can see is a Maori woman who liked to look over the property. Other Spiritual people have looked at this image and have said there are a few orbs on the fence, however always the skeptic I was excited to actually see something that looked human.

The lesson here, always ask for proof. You never know what you will see.

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