Genetics, DNA, Souls

Written by Brigid Curran- From Transform your Psyche, and Reinvent 2021

We are born with a blueprint, a plan, a destiny of what our purpose is or the reason we are here on this earth.  Simple right?

Mix in genetics and the environment and you find yourself in a life that you find is too difficult to handle.

The best way to understand our journey is to have an awareness. We do have lessons to learn, and we can define these lessons by the events that occur in our life.

Seeds are planted early in life, even past life, dictating what your learnings will be.  This is predestined. It is not until you get to a place in your life that you begin to truly understand your purpose, and then work within that for the better purpose of you and the people you meet along the way.

For example, if you were brought up with conflict, and this continued throughout your life, you will seem to attract conflict no matter what you do. You can pretty much say that conflict, or learning how to respond to it, is one of your lessons in life.

If you have always struggled with money, again this is your life lesson. If you have addictions, whether food, drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, again this is your life lesson. During your life you meet people, and for no real reason, you either warm to them or you dislike them intensely. Or you just want to fix them. Again, a life lesson.

Often, we are unsure of our life purpose until we get to that point when life has a synchronicity that allows you to achieve everything you desire. These people are often called lucky. Or were they just aware and changed their life purpose when the first hurdle hit?

To learn lessons people must come into our lives. These people may come in for a day, or a lifetime. They arrive, unbeknown to them or you, to impart life lessons on you. These people are commonly called soul mates. Soul mates do not necessarily mean the love of your life.  Soul mates are human beings that will connect with your spirit to teach you or learn from you. These soul mates could be family, friends, or someone you walk past in the street, even animals.

How do we know the intentions of our soul mates?

How do we know what our purpose is? This is identified by knowing your Spiritual Timeline. Learn more today

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