Find the Hero within you

New Moon in Leo is the 8th August (Lionsgate Portal)

 In numerology, the 8th day of the 8th month is a highly spiritual and charged time.

 Now is the time to find the Hero within you.

 The energy of Lionsgate can connect us with the cosmic skies, galactic frequencies, higher dimensional beings, and our intuition. It can also activate heart healings, spiritual wisdom, and can help us awaken to our true potential. On the flip, the Saturn and Uranus square reflects societal and personal change, instability, which we are seeing. Earthquakes, protests, truths coming to light, cyber issues also internet problems will be seen with this Uranus and Saturn energy.

 8th August is the Leo Moon. Set your intention for your new Creativity. The Lionsgate portal assists us to open to higher frequencies.

Anything we’re doing can add to this intractability feeling that we are at odds with other people in society, but it does give great determination to stick to your plans and vision.

Along with the Aquarius energy, which is going to be very strong throughout the month, Aquarius energy is also linked to higher mind science. In its shadow state, it can be cold detached and so to optimise the aquarian energy we need heart we need its polarity we need full Leo energy because as well as creativity we also need the heart of Leo energy, as you know Leo is about love, passion and having a joyful life full of warmth and vibrancy. This time is about finding your passion and shining your light brightly.

 For those learning to connect it is a time of activation of the third eye because the third eye is our portal to intergalactic communication.

 Working with the heart energy of Leo is vital as it is linked to courage, strength, power, and tenacity. It is standing tall and beaming out love. Hero Energy. This energy is about breaking down the old systems to create new and this will carry through to 2024.- Brigid Curran

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