A day in the life of a Cat

It is early morning as Wednesday Adams comes inside to greet me. I wonder what it would be like to be a cat for the day.
Are animals and humans alike, do we have the same feelings, do they feel pain, empathy, hate, love? We both woke very early. Not sure if it was because of a full moon or just daylight-saving adjustments.
I showered, she washed.
I sat in meditation, she sat and purred.
We both had breakfast.
Then I checked my emails, whilst she sat beside me. We both sat in silence, doing our own thing, with the sounds of the birds waking up to a new day.
I wonder what cat thoughts she is having.
As we both pondered what the day would bring us, we soon became restless feeling it was about time we moved into it. The neighbourhood had woken up. The birds had moved on as the cars and people were about to pollute their silence. The sun was coming out and that would set the tone for a lovely spring day.
I left Wednesday in her place of rest, still purring from her morning breakfast, (do cats know it is breakfast) and went about my day. She looked to move but surrendered to the slumber and fell asleep again. I did think maybe I should do the same.
Several hours later, as Wednesday remained in the same spot content in the sun, dreaming dreams of whatever cat’s dream of. I knew her day would change, her sleep would soon be disrupted.
The neighbour’s cat would be coming to visit Wednesday shortly, she did this every day, and every day had the same outcome. The little fluffy ball of blackness, yes, another black cat, arrives bright-eyed and ready for fun. She sits by the door looking in on Wednesday wishing for her to come out and play amongst the garden that is starting to bloom into spring to share cat fun and explore. The anticipation on the little kitten face as she sits patiently waiting for Wednesday to awake from her slumber is pathetic, as I know the outcome. The little kitten is hopeful that Wednesday can join her in an action-packed day of fun and frolic.
The little bundle waits patiently willing Wednesday to open her eyes, too timid to come inside so she sits on the doorstep just watching her.
Her telepathic staring soon works as Wednesday sleepily opens her eyes, suddenly becoming aware of the little bundle of fur waiting for her. (Again). I now find myself a spectator in a game that unfolds everyday with the same result. Wednesday, a much older, stubborn cat, does not like her day disturbed by this bubbly little kitten who wants a friend. This becomes apparent as she casually wanders over to the kitten and whacks it on the head with her paw. In that one action, you can almost hear her thinking. “Just leave me alone.”
The kitten is dumbstruck, (again). Wednesday comes back inside and returns to her slumber. I am sure if she had the strength, she would have closed the door on the kitten.
I watched this and her and decided I would have a conversation with Wednesday, yes I know she is asleep but is she really? Because every word I say to her results in a twitch of her ear. I remind her to be nice to the little cat and not be so set in her ways. Understand that she wants a friend, and that she could teach her lots of things.
Just because you are an old cat, Wednesday, it does not mean you have to be so serious. Have some fun. I found myself telling her. As her ears twitched to the sound of the voice. I realised that Wednesday must be in her 40s (in human years) She had tolerated a life of being abused, homeless, living on the streets, (in a cemetery) she has felt the loss of previous owners and now rescued again into another home, she just wanted to rest, sleep the sleep of peace as in her little furry head, she was not sure when she would be homeless again. Maybe she is living her ninth life now and just wants peace.
So, as we both step into our day, it is important to understand that people, human or otherwise, have their own stories. Be gentle on yourself and others, not everyone is like you. We all have different expectations and needs. Be like that little kitten, never give up. But also be like Wednesday, know your uniqueness and realise is what makes you perfect. Your individuality is sacred.

Wednesday has not given me permission to publish this. But I wont tell her if you don’t.

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