The Magic of October

The 31st of October it’s all about Halloween where the veil between this world and the spirit world is thinner and it’s when the spirit is around us.

Brigid @blackcattarotnz

October is about balance. But it is also about endings and new beginnings. Being a 10 and 1 number. This means no matter where you are in your life, regardless of who you are, where you are at or what stage of your spiritual journey you are on, whether you are looking for work, working, or retired, this month has to do with your learning experience.  Whatever you’re doing, or not doing, in your life something will manifest in the form of the actual this month. What you need to learn will manifest itself in a specific subject. This month is about the actual reflection and respect for that knowledge or that desire to learn new ideas.  At the same time, you will receive very important news unique to you.  This will assist your advancement and no doubt it’s going to help you to realise that you are approaching the end of a problem you may have been dealing with.    October brings all types of unexpected events to help you realise where your place is. It is all about overcoming obstacles and challenges and heightened realisation.  It has been a tough 7 months and you may be feeling like your energy has been drained.  It is important to clear your energy space and balance yourself.  Raise your vibration by singing, this helps to create a very powerful spiritual armour during this month. I have available Reiki Energy oils and essences available as well as sage candles if you require products to do this.   These will help with your own battles throughout the month of October.  It is more important than ever to prepare yourself this month, as, after the last few months, this opportunity to manifest is coming fast.
 In this month you will feel the determination that has been lacking recently. You will feel more confident and will accomplish a lot by the end of October. In the second part of October, you will feel very creative even if you are feeling completely down or negative you will start doing things that you love doing then you’ll see this energy change.  During this time you will discover something powerful, the birth of something very new that will keep growing.  In the last seven days of October, you will have clarity as opportunities present themselves to you.   You will feel balanced as very specific information appears to.  You will see conclusions to problems you may have had which will bring instant healing into your life.     
On the 30th and the 31st of October, there is a realisation on which part of your life you know you need to put more energy into. Whatever you need to complete your project more energy comes to you. 
On top of that, there is the spirit that is going to come through but it’s going to come forward and you will know who this is. 
The 31st of October is Halloween where the veil between this world and the spirit world is thinner and it’s when the spirit is around us. This is more about our ancestors, the people who used to be in our lives and those spirits who are keen to come through and help us with guidance. It will feel wonderful and it’s going to elevate you spiritually. You will be rewarded for your hard work and it will confirm that you are on the right track or you will be put on the right path but even most importantly you will know that this is the time for an ultimate change in your life. Remember to make choices from your heart.  

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