November is here, keep climbing

Don’t give up!

Remember the most challenging aspects in your life sometimes means the final leg of the journey


November will bring us some ups and downs.  When you think you are at the top of the mountain, a hiccup may occur.   I do not see this as being a major issue for November, however, should it occur, here is how it will unfold. 

When it’s out of your sight it does not mean it won’t happen. If it is not on your mind it does not mean it won’t happen.   I am sounding cryptic right.  ‘IT’ is that wish fulfilment you have been working towards.   It is that thought you have been throwing out to the universe, be it grounded or flexible.

November is a time of rapid creation and rapid destruction so take your time and be patient as you do not know what the big picture will ultimately look like.

I would describe the first part of the month of not seeing a lot happen, this is where you must trust that your goal/dream will unfold as you hit mid-month.   The energy representing the power of creation and destruction this month is going to be vital to growing and changing.  The beginning of the month reminds me of the Temperance and Hangman cards, in tarot.  Gentle slow movements, patience as we as humans will always ask why it is taking so long.   Then mid-month feels like the Tower and Death cards, in Tarot, they present themselves like an eruption and then a strong call to action.    This is where the power to create or change comes to you in a concentrated burst of energy and attention.  Rest assured the whole of November is not like this.  The rest of the month you can be hands-off as you watch the magic unfold in front of you. 

To recap, the beginning part of November is about being patient getting all your ducks in a row and then in the middle of the month you may have feelings of frustration as you try to control what is unfolding.   The final part of this month is an accomplishment. Also, the beginning of the end as well.    Remember the most challenging aspects in your life sometimes means the final leg of the journey.  

 This month find what brings you joy and happiness it is important this month to dig deep spiritually as the world around you remains negative.  What we are wanting is to hold that light.  The energy is about a mid-month opportunity that comes in the form of a big move, a big invitation like marriage or partnership or job opportunity, but it might involve some sort of a displacement for you moving travelling and definitely some sort of a shift.  November is about getting perspective on how you want your life to unfold. 

 It is a time to trust yourself to allow the good news and be present when it arrives. See the hidden blessings understand that it’s good to dream it’s good to push but it’s also important to celebrate where you’re at.

 There is a chance for love this month if you are looking for it. More friendships and partnerships, strengthening of marriages, work partnerships and key relationships.

 Ensure you are getting enough sleep; some may have insomnia nightmares or just not being able to fall asleep.  I have sleep essence if you need it, this has been very helpful for me.

I do not need to remind you of the importance of not taking on other people’s energy, find a way to balance it out and remember there’s nothing wrong with saying I’m tired or can I call you back. This is your environment, so look after it.    So, as we go into November know that it is a powerful time to manifest.  This is your chance to reap the rewards for the hard work that you’ve done.  

I do feel lots of partnership energy. To allow this be sure you are not putting a seed of doubt in your energy, be seen.  If you are not being supported, be it in relationships or work it’s time to talk to somebody about finding your happiness, do not be afraid to step into your power. Maybe it is time to ask for that pay increase!

You have a lot of choices this month make sure that if you’ve been trying to manifest something and you see it coming through that you don’t freak out and overthink it!

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