As we come to the end of 2021

The electromagnetic energy around us will increase over the next few months. As the electromagnetic fields increase symptoms most commonly reported include headaches, body pain, lethargy, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), nausea, burning sensation, heart arrhythmia and anxiety. We will feel surges of this energy in the next few months as we feel the energetic changes. What this means is a great new dimension is happening, and it has been long-awaited.
These incredibly tough times are coming to an end and it is now inevitable that change is pending.

This change is both environmental and personal but this time you will feel the energy within yourself. The electromagnetic field can be seen around the body. There are seven layers to the aura that work on different planes of existence. Some are physical and this can be perceived by a sensitive eye as a whitish light about two inches around the body. Another part of the aura is more etheric and paler in colour which extends about 70cm around the body.
The energy of the aura can send, receive and store information. It does this with both negative and positive energies and uses our physical body to do this. The negative aspect of this time frame is that your past may present itself to you and to remain positive we mustn’t attach to it. Have you noticed aspects of your past presenting themselves to you? This could be in thought, dreams or in person.
In this cycle you will watch the old way of life collapse, often indicated to me by what is happening in big business and government. We must maintain ourselves whilst evolving through the next magical chapter of our life. It is about aligning with your truth. (Do not worry about others)
Ask yourself, have your values changed in the last few years? I would say they have as you are an evolving lot. I know this as through my readings with clients I can see the change/evolution you have been through in the past and present as you prepare for the future as this new chapter presents itself.
As you reflect on the past and let go you will feel your belief system change. As a universe, we come together to recreate our new ideals as we evolve into who we are going to be in this next phase. All done unconsciously a lot of the time. What does this mean? Well, it means we are coming out of fear and moving towards love. Love of self and who we are as individuals. Regardless of the energy around us. The Electromagnetic field represents light. Often you hear people say love and light. Well, this is exactly what it means.

Now the homework to get to this positive new space?
Set your intentions as to what you want to manifest in your life? Any idea what that is? No? Then simply ask your higher self to deliver the best for you.
As we gather momentum, we will watch a rebirth, not only in our country but also a spiritual rebirth a very big new beginning designed for you.

This cycle is about truth, it’s about freedom. it’s about justice, it’s very much around belief and very much about cleansing, clearing and shedding the old belief systems. Those old belief systems that you’ve held for many many years, sometimes your entire lifetime, well it is now time to shed. This is your last chance to shed them. You may have even been thinking of the past, or even dreaming of the past. This is the indicator that it is vital we clear that energy now. What if I don’t, I hear you say? I talk about the seven-year cycles in my book. Transform your psyche your journal to self-discovery. We have magical times in our cycles that we must work with to ensure positive outcomes. This is now the time.
For those who have the book, it is downtime to dust it down and redo the exercises in it as you rediscover this new chapter of your life. Our life is cyclic this is now the end of a very tough seven-year cycle. So it is vital to bouncing into 2022 with a new positive outlook, knowing that history will not repeat itself as you are going to ensure that does not happen.
As 2022 approaches along with the next seven years ensure it works in your favour. This will be a wonderful time to embrace your new self as you shed the past. Let go of the old definition of who you were and step into a new paradigm because it’s our belief systems that define our future that will define our reality.

Moving forward will allow you to support higher consciousness and new wisdom and this very high-level frequency of energy are exactly what we need to support this new world. Watch your intuition and creativity soar. Embrace this newness you will feel, it has been a long time coming. Align yourself with your truth and live that fantastical life you have been longing for.
End 2021 with a bang and we will regroup in 2022 to work through the new energies.

I have a few copies of Transform your Psyche, your Journal to Self Discovery available for those who are in NZ, overseas it is available on Amazon.
I am available throughout the holiday period for readings 😊 x
I would like this opportunity to wish you the very very best of 2022 and thank you for your ongoing love and support, it is so magical for me that I have been given the gift to assist you with your life path.

Brigid and Wednesday x

Transform your psyche your Journal to self discovery

The best way to understand our journey is to have an awareness. We do have lessons to learn and we can define these lessons by the events that occur in our life. Incls Courier


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