222222 a special day- Can you be vulnerable?

This is a special day, 22 February 2022 (222222)- A new portal opens.

This is the time for big picture thinking. During this portal, your psychic ability will be heightened. Moving forward it is wise to do development as the period moving forward is huge. What you think will manifest. You may be starting to think outside of the box and those preconceived ideas have changed and you are now starting to see you can manifest something quite different.

This is a healing portal as it leads you to an epiphany. Open yourself to your higher self. Very soon you will get a vision as to what direction you will be going in.

With change comes vulnerability. Being vulnerable and authentic is your power. No need to put up a brave front. It is now time to allow yourself to be open. To speak from the heart. You are now removing your psychic guard allowing a new cycle to open.

Vulnerability is the hardest gift to share however in development vulnerability is vital to achieving your highest self. In this space, is where the strong bonds occur, the healing starts and connections begin.

Being vulnerable means you accept yourself for who you are, as being your true self means you are authentic which allows you to discover a huge amount of spiritual connection. You soon start to hear the messages you need to know to gain greatness. People are also attracted to this energy you are displaying, your light is now on. This new portal is now an opportunity to be who you truly are.

Often we are told to fake it until we make it wear the mask, but as we go into this new portal it is now an opportunity to reveal your truth your struggles so that you can go through this rebirth. You may find you are seeking help, advice and connecting to other principals to assist. This vulnerable cycle is about releasing the truth allowing yourself to open up to this new power.

You may find you are dreaming. I am not a dreamer but dreams started a few days ago and continue. Write these visions down.

Your image of success may change in this cycle. You may find that you just want to feel free in your life- lighter, happier, not working so hard, healthier and spiritually wiser. Mind, body and soul will be challenged as you balance this new cycle.

This cycle is about shining a light on your achievements. You can see that your past struggles were a gift and you can see how strong you are becoming. This is the time to rest and restore, be present with your feelings as you move forward. Another awakening ahead. As your guides, angels, spirit, stand around you know they stand with you giving you a hug when you feel you are alone.

To recap, ask for what you want and act in faith it will come about. This cycle is about change that brings victory. Get to know your spirit team. As you are being guided in this next phase. It is not your thoughts, the messages are spiritual downloads. If you have been stuck in your actions. Look out!

Spiritual Development has started so check in with that if you live in Auckland.

Channelled messages from Spirit for 222222 – Blessings Brigid x

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