An Exhausting Time will bring Clarity!


Hi there, here is the May Reading for the collective.

It appears that everyone is releasing something this month.

I have the wizard of oz in my head, which means you are finding your place, maybe a new job, or home or you could be seeking that feeling of home.

10 Wands- it is time to release. Seek that place that you call home.

May will see you receiving those blessings.  This means a change, something in your life will change allowing you to receive the recognition you deserve.   

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately?  We will look at that later.

I have the feeling of energy exchange.  This means ideas, energy, and gifts. Sharing those hidden talents,  gifts, skills or abilities that you have overlooked within yourself. Watch them manifest this month.

This energy will allow you to use your hidden talents,  gifts, skills or ability that make you special or unique.

While you move into this May energy do not take things too seriously.  The universe wants you to have more fun and wants you to do something different. This is how manifestation happens.

Does it feel like you have a plan but do not know how to implement it?   

Do you have that feeling of something missing in your life?  What are you thinking about?  It is a time for action put your plans in place.  If you want to change your work, start looking. If you want new opportunities and friends, be open and seek.

Put the work in and you will manifest it, but you have to start now and let go of the past.

The collective is going through an energy change.  So it is about taking that step into what the change could look like.    Let go of your past, let go of things that do not work.  This transformational energy is vital to you so that you do not remain stagnant it will set you into a life of feeling free.

  Come on collective! Let us take it to the next level.  Are you procrastinating?  Now is the time to shift the energy.

It is a time to do things differently which will allow the choices to come in as you are at this crossroads.

 It is a time of picking a new path in your life which means it is about learning from past situations and knowing that history will not repeat itself this time.

  If you feel like you’re being pushed into a situation at this time and you are unsure.   I would sleep on it with this energy there is no point forcing something to happen.

If you want love in your life or you want to do something you love, if you are in a relationship,  I would let your guard down, feel the joy and be open to this.

Everyone has been receiving the message of moving and just doing it. Everyone is feeling exhausted or in a place of exhaustion. 

It is a vital time to manifest what you  (As above so below energy)

You will feel you are being tested by the Universe, as the blessings are there, but it requires a strong belief, and a tenacity to keep going and breaking through this exhaustion energy.

Finally. May will bring you special moments and great things.   I feel the blessings and gifts are there but it’s going to require a lot of belief.

If you want Love, Open up to it.

If you have failed, try again.

Most of all be true to yourself


Brigid Curran

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