What Energy is expected for Autumn

 This May post is a bit late due to the vulnerability of the Month and the Season. The next few months will be a time to build bridges, make amends and reconnect with people. This is a season that is encouraging you to think with your heart, not your head.

I posted on Facebook and Instagram the other day about your sensitivity being powerful, especially for Empaths. We are often taught that to be sensitive is negative. Without sensitivity, you are unable to have empathy. Empathy in a person is power as when you are not thinking with your head you are able to create amazing opportunities. Connect with people and make solid decisions. May started as an interesting month, as it feels like our sense of identity, is being questioned, not by others, but by ourselves. You may even be feeling a little anxious, but unable to identify why. The reason for this energy is difficult to understand, that is why it manifests as a healing month. You may find your body asking for attention. This is a time to reflect on what you are doing on a daily basis. Are there elements of your life or body you want to change? This could be a great time to source people who can help you. This season is about connecting with people that will inspire you and help you find ways to improve.

You may also find that your friends may feel distant and you do not have a lot in common with them. That is only temporary and will pass. It will also mean that people from the past will reconnect to build a bridge with you. What you decide to do there is up to you, but remember heart not head.

This season is very much about learning, getting out and meeting new people and starting something new.

After years of restrictions, it is vital you step out of your comfort zone and talk to different people. Doing this will open up new opportunities for you and set you in a direction that you never imagined. Not only will you feel less anxious but you will be inspired to set a plan for your future where goals AND PEOPLE will exceed your expectation.

For those of you who may be struggling day to day, take a moment when you wake to acknowledge the day with gratitude. Even if it is just being awake. As every day in every way, it does get better.

For those who cannot understand why your decisions are not panning out the way you expect. Then just Stop. Put it aside, do not think about it for a couple of days and you will gain clarity. When you are too much in your head, nothing ever works. Remember Heart, not Head. We have all done it, where we race around the house looking for something, give up, for it to appear when you are not thinking about it as you are looking for something else. That you cannot find!

My advice to you reader, be kind, heal yourself if your body is tired or unwell and make decisions based on the way it feels to you. Place logic in the cupboard for now. You can find it later when you are looking for something.

-Brigid Curran

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