What is likely to happen in June.

 If you found May challenging, June will ease up.

This is a great month to navigate through projects, meet the challenges and figure it out.  What is that song! I get knocked down, but I get up again you are never gonna keep me down.

Do not use the past to build a barrier to your future as this new energy will allow the right people to come through for you. Love, Life, Career.  So do not have barriers up.  

It is a time for expansion, where recognition is coming your way for the hard work you have done.

You probably had to let go of things in the past as the light was shone on situations.  You will find that you feel more balanced and focused.  It is a month for networking, connecting and a time to be creative and explore.

After June 3rd is about valuing yourself and communicating well. A great time to learn new things.  You will be able to stop and smell the roses as you learn to value your self-worth which means gifting yourself more private time and enjoying yourself.

It is a passionate path, so it is a time to be passionate and enjoy life it is not a difficult time. If it, is you may need to have a rethink?  You will also find your communication is freer, if you have had a difficult time expressing yourself, you will see that free up. You will feel very connected.

To see the success be authentic, do not suppress any part of yourself as it will filter into another aspect of yourself. Be yourself and express yourself and you will see that reflect on you.  Quirky is fun!

Teamwork makes dreams work, if you do not have support around you, find your community of like-minded people who accept you as you are.  This new group will be so powerful.  Let go of those who do not believe in you.

Rejection feels horrible, especially if you are a sensitive person. Understand that when you express yourself creatively and you are authentic that is all that matters.  Drop the deadwood, the non-believers. If you believe in yourself, others will.

Now your star signs

Aries. – Your drive and energy will be lifted, and you will flourish.

Taurus – Your creativity is important to you this month, experience an old skill.

Gemini- This is your moon, so embrace your individuality. A great time to meet new people. Try not to be negative and embrace new ideas. A new makeover perhaps.

Cancer- Seize the day and be self-confident. This is your time. Make magic happen.  If it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t don’t.

Leo- You may feel a push to be more social this month. Take a trip with a few friends or a group and this will be richly rewarding for you.

Virgo- This is a time of goals and rewards. A great time to learn something new, change jobs, home. It is about improving your finances, believing in your intuition and seeking advice with contracts.

Libra- You will feel more spontaneous this month, you may want to stimulate your mind.  This is a very confident month giving you a bit more freedom. You are very attractive at this time so if you are single, opportunities may open for you.

Scorpio – You may seek different opportunities and you may even relate to people differently. Home and relationships may be difficult, you may have someone being very honest with you for a change.

Sagittarius- June is a great time to interact with people, this is a good time to change jobs where you are supportive. Like a manager, or team leader.  Watch the stress this month so balance your life this month. A busy time for you.  You may find yourself in a relationship this month

Capricorn- Balance with health. Small changes will make a big impact. You are such good company as you are getting older your sense of humour and sex appeal will be heightened.  

Aquarius- A very skilled communicator. Use your panache to win and influence. Do not let your lack of self-confidence get in the way.  Do not worry about how you fit in. This is a positive time for you. If there is someone special that you are interested in reach out to them.

Pisces- Emotional thinking for you this month. Be careful in your words do not blurt things out.  A financial time for you which may allow you to move from where you live or improve where you live.

A month of great energy. If you have been working on projects this is a great time where you will see your perseverance pays off. 

In regards to COVID we may see a spike this month so prepare yourself to be able to work the way you want to work.

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