The chrysalis must leave its cocoon

A butterfly going through metamorphosis is essentially going through a cellular structure. Through the changes, there are new legs and there’s a new body. What does remain from the caterpillar are some of the neural patterns, which means the memories. It’s almost the reverse of what happens to us when we come into this lifetime, we have the freedom to see people without any filters. The Caterpillar keeps a little bit of its brain or memory, but the body, for the most part, changes. What do I mean by this metaphor?  The chrysalis must leave its cocoon, the security that is built for itself in that protective shell no longer serves the caterpillar it served its purpose, and it naturally knows when to leave the cocoon and manifests into a butterfly. 

As humans, we hold on a bit longer to our security, or what we think is our security, maybe it’s that you’re living in a city or in a relationship, or a job that has run its course and that at one point in the journey it brought you a sense of satisfaction or made you feel like you were expanding but it is no longer doing that and now it’s time to break through. Like the chrysalis stage where the butterfly must break through something dormant, you need to do the same.

When we have this breakthrough, it can be liberating, and this liberation energy allows us to understand the growth on the horizon.   The happiness of knowing this can be overwhelming, as it brings a realisation of self-love and self-appreciation, something that can feel foreign to our psyche as it is not a cellular memory.   When you come from point A to point B there’s a sense of joy because you realise you can handle anything, and you don’t need that external validation.  

Once you align with your purpose, clarity sets a path for you as what has been lost or forgotten has now shown up again.   What is meant for you will never pass you by. Brigid Curran

One thought on “The chrysalis must leave its cocoon

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  1. Hi Brigid,

    Thanks for this email and its meaning.

    Just recently I have had this breakthrough, choosing a direction, bringing such happiness and fulfillment in my life, like I am in tune or following my soul’s purpose..

    I just know that my choice was meant to be.

    Thanks very much. Regards, Brian


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