What is the sky saying to Earth?

It is going to be an intense Moon in August. I thought I would just give you the heads up on how to handle it.  Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping well.  The past few months have been a tough time for a lot of you and it warms my heart that you can reach out for guidance. I am honoured to be on your journey as a conduit between you and your guides.
There have been a few dark times for some of you,  since mid-July,  and this will probably hang around till August 11  as it is slated to shake things up even more intensely as the full moon arrives. As mid-August approaches you will start having clarity that may be different to your thoughts. This could be a time for reinventing yourself as you identify these triggers. 
Past life, old souls, soul connections and twin flames will be present in your thoughts this month, be it physical or spiritual.  During this time do not be hard on yourself as all those best-laid plans will/may need to be put on hold.
What is the sky saying to Earth?  It is whispering that it is tired, it wants those on earth to take the mask off and be their authentic self.  If you are not accepted for who you are, then it is time to move on. To quote Taylor Swift, haters will hate.  Because you are on my email list is indicative that you are ever evolving. Keep doing you!

Do not be alarmed if you become confident when saying No. 

When someone cannot put you in a box, they decide that you have the problem, you are changing and they do not understand why they struggle to understand you. What is actually happening is you are aligning yourself to your life path. This is happening organically, just the way it should.   When you are developing as an empath (highly evolved) person you will be misunderstood, but hey embrace it, as those who love you will just watch with interest.
This moon, August, will bring out the truth of who you are, and who the people are around you and allow you to decide where you place yourself on this earth. 

Refuse to let anyone or anything break your soul — even if that means embracing radical shifts in your life or making unexpected moves toward your mental and emotional freedom.

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