Life is a game, play it

Brigid Curran

Currently, the Universal feeling is transformation and we are all riding the highs and lows of this shifting consciousness. A lot is going to change in the months and even the year to come so the question is how does this look for us as individuals? You may feel a need to pause and be still that sense of catching your breath especially if you work hard and drive to always have the next breakthrough. Or you may be seeking self-improvement.

This is a time when you are feeling a need to rest and that may not mean chilling and doing nothing, it may mean that you find joy and fun. For others, it may mean turning off your devices so that you might take a rest from social media etc.   It will show up in different ways for different people but you will definitely identify the need to do something different.

Because of this transformational feeling, you will find a  new way of being especially if you are identifying triggers from the past.  So the transformational change may be personal healing and if you stay aware of what’s going on you might be able to just look back on your last few months or your last few years and go wow that was something that really used to bug me but actually It does not trigger me anymore. This is a time where you will notice how far you have come, especially those rapid changes from the past and it now gives you time to make a conscious decision about where you want to be in the future.

So slow it all down and you will see that you’re ready for something new.

As you change your habits and patterns you allow a transformation beyond your conditioning and environment allowing you to move into something new.

Transform your psyche your journal to self discovery – Brigid Curran

It always amazes me that we identify ‘as individuals’ but really we are a collective as most feel the same energy changes, we all feel the ebbs and flows of environmental changes.

So although we are alone in this world, our energy is togetherness.

We do live in a state of oneness but with issues around the world and in our individual countries, we still feel connected energy when someone in the collective is hurting. Why do we watch the news? To feel a connectedness.

We all have something in common, we are alive at the same time on earth. We all feel. So, there is a connective thread that we all have. I realise there are individuals who would like to see us more divided as a people but think about it. They have their collective. So, there are pockets of togetherness energy and differences around the Universe. We will never get along, but we have one thing in common we are different and if someone you love is in a different place to you and it makes you feel uncomfortable, or sad, then go through whatever you need to go to help you heal your feelings, it does not necessarily mean it will heal you both but what you will notice is that you can love while also recognising that you don’t fully understand.

I always find if something is showing up in the energy, I will notice it showing up very finely in my personal life.

 This new phase will see you being able to love and accept other people in a way you never have been able to before. Why? Because you’re clear about who they are and you’re clear about who you are and you might never fully understand each other but you have done enough healing to let it go. We need to let go of the idea of loneliness or being alone because we’re all alone and together on this planet.

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