2023 will be a time when Science meets Spirituality

Brigid Curran


As we go into 2023 please take time out over this period as we prepare for the new year. I have been spending time with my family and friends, and I realise how I needed this recharge as we move into a passionate Full Moon in Cancer in January 2023.

Cancer is more about humanity, within you and the environment. Cancer love to be safe and secure. As we move into 2023, we will see significant changes that will affect you for the rest of your life. Emotional and physical healing energy will be apparent. Creation, Passion and a lot of change, and fast!
So get your running shoes on!

In the first half of 2023, you may need to self-select the changes. You will look at your inner state and decide what you want to change.

Bring more love into your life as we move into a passionate year.
If you are single, watch for the new relationships
You will notice your priorities change if you are in an unfulfilling relationship.
If you love money. Big money in stocks etc.
We are all going through a change in values, where your values will change to be more towards what warms your heart rather than your bank balance.

With humanitarian energy, you will see more recognition of human rights around you, and they will be heard.
You will attract the best life this year if you can express positive energy. Do not put a cap on your manifestations.

A lot of (7) numbers in 2023 A significant new beginning.
This is about individuality, and spirituality, where science and spirituality come together. I love science and spirituality. Watch that connection happen.
2023 is the beginning of a new cycle of 7 years. The past few years have been difficult. Do not make any; as your destiny unfolds, you will need to do new things, change habits and find that heart-centred love.

Be the director in your life this year; this means how you conduct yourself.
Lack of integrity and dishonesty will present themselves; this is often shown publicly in politics (Election year)
We made it this far; we have rebuilt and continue to do so. You will have a clear direction this year as the changes become apparent.
It is a time to show patience and watch what happens.
My patience started on my way to Sydney. Flying from Auckland to Sydney is a simple trip. What should have been a few hours turned out to be a 30-hour trip to get to my destination.
Angry, tired, frustrated, and hot (and not in a good way), we were diverted to Melbourne. I lost sight of myself and the bigger picture. I was ready to lose my mind as we stood in the queue to get another flight until a young girl started talking to me. We began to joke, and before I knew it, my mood had changed. The airline put us all in a lovely hotel in Melbourne, and we met many people in the same position as us. We came together, had a meal, laughed and made new friendships. Humanity stepped in that day as everyone in that queue felt for each other. No one got angry at the airline and accepted that this was where we needed to be.
There was a collective empathy among everyone. Everyone talked with each other. So when you change your frequency to a different state, you move into a family frequency coming together in humanity.

Enjoy 2023, and watch the magic happen.

Readings are available online; just message me 🙂@blackcattarotnz

One thought on “2023 will be a time when Science meets Spirituality

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  1. HI Brigid, Thanks for the positive reading for 2023. I look forward to the changes.

    How much do you charge for a reading please?

    Regards, Brian


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