Well, I have finally lost my mind!

Brigid Curran

The theme of this month is understanding your place in the world.
It is about your placement and what you hold true to yourself.
What does that mean?
2023 is about Healing.  (and it adds up to 7) Which means relationships with yourself and those around you.

It is about empires falling and people prioritizing what is important to them. Families, friends, getting out into nature. Taking time out. It may sound selfish to those who do for others more than themselves. It is not.

Unless you are in the right place, mind, body and spirit, you cannot expect to be there for others.
It will be a big year, in a positive way, if you want it to be. It is also a Karmic.

We have nearly 17 years of karmic payback, which is exciting for those who just cannot get that traction to succeed. Your time is now.
If you are single, you may not be this year. Unemployed, you may be working, etc. etc. It is a powerful year.

If you find that nothing seems to be working out by now, you need to ask why? This is also another aspect
of your life that needs to change. Your spiritual connection. Are you working with your guides?
Would you happen to know how?

This is an exciting year, with some real magic happening. Let us not get to the end of the year; still waiting for something magical to happen.  
 Also, your guides will work strongly with you this year, so heed the signs. If you do not, that will make it very apparent. 

Connect, and Trust is the words I would take on this year.

I am persevering with these Lenormand cards, I guess I question Marie Le Normand’s state of mental health, so it is a case of turning the negatives into a positive. So here we go, Tower, Snake and Scythe. (Right!)
A broken heart, ending a relationship, ending with compassion
The desire to love, a manipulative love, the conflict between desire vs love
Distancing oneself from love, isolation vs compassion (again, right!)
2023, as I have mentioned in previous readings, is about creating your desires but not losing sight of who you are. Often ambition creates loneliness; it creates the urge to desire authority which can cause people to isolate from you. If you are not working within your heart, you won’t succeed. If you are deceitful, or people around you are, this will become transparent. Remember that all endings are not necessarily harmful ones. The ending will most likely be swift and signal a clear break – and what occurs can also lead to lasting effects. Make it a good one.

( I say this with love and light)

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