If you are at a crossroads, having relationship issues, feeling stuck career wise or just experiencing a general unease with where your life is at, together we can uncover your soul’s intent for this lifetime as well as shine a light on possible blind spots that are preventing you from fulfilling your purpose.

What a Psychic Reading?

They are not as scary as people seem. Think of it as connecting to your soul mate who is wanting to assist you in your life. The myth around psychic readings is that we cannot read your mind, nor do we know the lotto numbers.

How I conduct my readings is simply explained.

  • I ask permission from you to connect, that is usually given at the booking request.
  • I call in your loved ones and your guides to assist, translate and be part of the reading.
  • Then I am the conduit for whatever messages come through.
  • I use cards as a visual for you as confirmation of the messages.
  • You can ask questions at anytime throughout the reading.

Services and Costs (Incl fees) email for bank details to avoid fees. ( please note readings are not confirmed until payment made.

Love, Life, Relationship full Online Reading $85

45 minute reading that covers all aspects of your life. Mediumship is channelled with your guides and cards used to confirm visually. This is through zoom or messenger.


Personal Reading with Brigid at the Red Shed Palazzo Market Sundays

Red Shed palazzo 16 Jesmond Road Drury Bookings essential 9am to 2:30 All aspects covered


Follow up Reading $60

A follow up reading is a catch up after a full reading. This is within four months after the main reading.


5 Card Reading Email Reading $53

Email through your three questions after payment is made. The photos and explanation will be emailed to you. Include your name and birthday and month.


Regular clients! you know what to do 

Contact and Bookings

Booking a reading can be very daunting contact Brigid with your requirements and you will be soon put at ease.

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