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People often ask what I do, and I find that difficult to answer.  As I am ever-evolving the way I work changes constantly and that seems to align with what is happening in the environment.
My passion is writing and after many years working within Hypnotherapy and psychology, I am starting to understand the psyche and how our minds work.   Throw Spirituality into the mix and it brings a whole new modality of Science and Spirit into the work I do.
I learned that traditional hypnotherapy did not work for me in this modern, fast-moving world and our words are quick to action.  After learning about covert hypnosis, I was able to combine it all together and come up with a unique way of consulting.  I am able to tune in to your energy, nut out the problems, and get guidance from your Spirit to understand your journey, find the loose threads that disconnect you, and throughout the session, we put it all together again.  Much like Humpty Dumpty falling off his wall, the difference is all your guides can put you together again!
I am a Capricorn, so my consultations are very practical, and direct you can interrupt me at any time to ask questions and you are welcome to video or record these sessions.
I am so lucky to do this type of work, and after 20 years I have a regular strong client base, in NZ and overseas.  My books are on Amazon, just put in my name or email me as I may have some available. Having owned several businesses I can guide you in business and life so no matter what your query is, your guides will master it for you and give you the tools to help you. Brigid

Psychology, specialising in Stress (AUT)
Marketing and Business Management (AUT)
HNZDAH (Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma of Advanced Hypnotherapy)
Hypnosis  Training Academy ( Covert Hypnosis) with Igor Ledochowski
HNZCH (Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy)
Past Life Diploma ( American School of Hypnosis)   

What is a Spiritual Reading?

They are not as scary as people seem. Think of it as connecting to your soul mate who wants to assist you. The myth around psychic readings is that we cannot read minds nor know the lotto numbers.

How I conduct my readings and frequently asked questions are answered.

Once done personally, during the lockdown, I identified that online readings work much better, the client is more comfortable being at a location suited to them, with no travel, and the reading is not interrupted by distractions. The Channel still came through clear and, in fact, more information. Because of this, readings will remain online.

How it works?-

I ask permission from you to connect, which is usually given at the booking request.

I call in your loved ones and guides to assist, translate and be part of the reading.

  • Then I am the conduit for whatever messages come through.
  • I use cards as a visual for you as confirmation of the messages.
  • You can ask questions at any time throughout the reading.
  • You are welcome to record.
  • Readings are channeled so, please take notes or record as I do not remember readings.
  • Once the booking is confirmed and paid a link is emailed, you do not need Facebook just a browser. Paste the link into the browser and click to connect at the time allocated. If that is too complimented we can do it via phone.
  • Enjoy it. Relax and let the magic happen

Services and Costs (incl fees) email for bank details to avoid fees. ( please note readings are not confirmed until payment is made. Please note that should you go over your allocated time you will be charged.

One hour Reading online session

60 minutes with your guides. Cards are used to confirm visually. This is through a link sent to you to click $128 includes Fee. $120 with direct credit 12-3629-0491496-00​ use your name as a Ref


Online Reading. A convenient opportunity to have a reading.

45 minutes with your guides. Cards are used to confirm visually. This is through a link sent to you to click $88 includes Fee. $80 with direct credit 12-3629-0491496-00​ use your name as a Ref


House clearing online

Release the negative energy prior to moving in to your home. Or are you struggling to sleep or feel uncomfortable in your space. A house clearing takes around 20minutes. A sage candle is sent to you with emailed instructions. (Vessels vary, photos will be sent of what is available) For a personal house cleansing email directly with your location.


Follow up Online Reading

A follow up reading is a catch up after a full reading. This is within four months after the main reading and is 30 minutes. $63 includes Fee. $60 with direct credit 12-3629-0491496-00​ use your name as a Ref Please note if your reading goes over 30 minutes you will be charged for a full reading.


Email Reading

Email through your questions, up to three. Date of birth and first names (48 hour response)


Messenger Reading

Online Txt Message or Instagram around 15 minutes


Gift Voucher Full online Reading

Buy a voucher for friends or family for products or services an evoucher will be sent to you to send on


Regular clients! Please use the follow-up readings.

Please read the site terms

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