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Brigid’s focus areas are empowering individuals, encouraging them to make progress in their lives and assisting them to make the right decisions when feeling stuck. As a Psychic Medium and Metaphysical writer, Brigid holds qualifications in Business Studies, Marketing, Psychology, Hypnosis, and Past life Regression, which she achieved while on her journey to self-discovery. On any path she has walked, her calling would lead her back to assisting and guiding people on a quest for change. 30 years as a Psychic Medium, National and International. You can read more about her on Makingachange

Born and raised in Auckland, NZ, Brigid Curran exhibited psychic abilities from an early age. Unbeknown to her, these abilities would become part of who she is as an adult as she continues working with the spirit world. The statement was made to her mother when she was a baby when a nun at the school her brothers went to said to her mother, “Watch that one, as she pointed to her in the pram. She will be special” This became apparent when Brigid started school. The nuns would talk to her about angels and auras, and they realised that she was very different to other students. Brigid could see spirits around her and would often speak to her mother about this; As early as ten years old, she heard a baby crying next door to where she grew up. She was talking to the neighbours and mentioned it to them. They said no baby was in the house, but they felt strange activity there. She had no idea where experiences would lead as she thought it was normal.
Brigid has a following of dedicated people who enjoy the workshops and readings she presents to them. Visit for more information.

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