Pendulums and Spirituality Workshop

Pendulums available for sale

Groups: Mangawhai, Orewa, North Shore and Central Auckland. Email for dates $80 includes Pendulum 10am to Midday – Fridays or Saturdays. Get a group together! email below for details

Pendulums are a great way to prove to yourself that there is something bigger than us out there. Using a pendulum in Spirituality and even Self Hypnosis is immediate confirmation that a force bigger than you is working on your behalf. Learn to use a pendulum the correct way. There is a myth that working with a pendulum that is going around for yes and back and forth for no is how a pendulum works. The spiritual use of a pendulum works very differently. This workshop will teach you how to connect to your Spirit Guides and gain clarity on all situations in your life. This one-off workshop teaches you how to define your ego vs Spirituality using a Pendulum for clarity. They can be one on one, bring a friend or groups up to 4. Facilitator, Brigid has 20 years of experience in Spiritual work, as a metaphysical writer.

Register for a Workshop here.

Next Event 24 September Saturday 10am to 2pm Northcote War Memorial Hall. Northcote

Stallholders register for Markets here

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