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2023 is the year of practical changes, done spiritually.

If you find nothing seems to be working out by now, you must ask why? This is also another aspect of your life that needs to change. Your spiritual connection. Are you working with your guides?

Would you happen to know how?

Workshops are on now.

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2023 is about Healing. It is about empires falling and people prioritizing what is important to them. Families, friends, getting out into nature and taking time out. It may sound selfish to those who do for others more than themselves. It is not. You cannot expect to be there for others unless you are in the right place, mind, body and spirit.

It will be a big year, in a positive way, if you want it to be. It is also a Karmic time, where we have nearly 17 years of Karmic payback, which is exciting for those who cannot get that traction to succeed.

If you are single, you may not be this year. Unemployed, you may be working, etc. etc. It is a powerful year.

If you find nothing seems to be working out for you. This workshop will ask -Why?

There are other ways to work in alignment to ensure success happens. Your spiritual connection. Are you working with your guides?

This is an exciting year, with some real magic happening. Let us not get to the end of the year, still waiting for something magical to happen.

All workshops will teach you how to connect and gain clarity on all situations in your life. This workshop teaches you how to define your ego vs Spirituality. You will try transfiguration, healing and readings. Also, who are your guides and what is your blueprint in this world.

Bookings are essential  for these combined workshops – Groups are small to allow for individual attention

Learn Tarot for Beginners Te Atatu Sunday 18th June 10:30am to 2pm

To pay via direct credit 12-3629-0491496-00​ use your name as a Ref $75 or $50 if you own your own cards Learn to read tarot to your friends. We will go through layouts, meanings and deliver messages. These workshops are fun. 10:30 to 2pm to sharp. Tea and Coffee provided. Plus a free Tarot Deck!


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“I really enjoyed this workshop so much!

It was fun, and I certainly would recommend this for self-development.
Beth S.

“The lesson was excellent and well structured. I now have a much better understanding of my direction. Johnny

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