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Pendulum Workshop ‘Ego vs Spirituality’for Psychic Development

Saturday 17th July 10:30am to 12:30pm Meadowood Community House Meadowood Ave, Unsworth Heights. North Shore

Pendulums are a great way to prove to yourself that there is something bigger than us out there.
Using a pendulum in Spirituality and even Self Hypnosis is immediate confirmation that a force bigger than you is working on your behalf.

Learn to use a pendulum the correct way. There is a myth that working with a pendulum that is going around for yes and back and forth for no is how a pendulum works. The spiritual use of a pendulum works very differently. This workshop will teach you how to connect to your Spirit Guides and gain clarity on all situations in your life,

This workshop teaches you how to define your ego vs Spirituality using a Pendulum for clarity.
$80 which includes your pendulum. $60 if you have your own.

They can be one on one, bring a friend or groups up to 4.

Facilitator, Brigid has 20 years of experience in Spiritual work, as a metaphysical writer.

Pendulum workshop

Please register first for workshop. Once confirmed payment can be made.


One on one workshops and groups are held regularly Contact Brigid with your Interest- Book here or on

Beginners guidance to Mediumship workshop 4 week online and face to face sessions.

This workshop introduces you to Mediumship and how to connect to your guides. Session one is online. This 2 hour group session is full on. Your questions are answered and tools are given to you, while we practice. Session two and three are 40-minute online session where you will update on progress and Q and A you will be invited to join a Facebook group with like-minded people who have done development with Brigid and where some are now are working professionally. The Final Session is an hour session Face to Face where a reading will be given, and further development. At a time and area that suits us all. All aspects of mediumship will be covered allowing you to walk away and develop at your own pace Afterpay is available. Please ask Topics Covered: Tap into your Spirituality and learn to understand those messages! The sessions talk about Spirituality. Unlocking your blocks. Channelling your guides/loved ones. Delivering confident readings. As a human being, we hate to be seen to be or look foolish, to step into your vulnerability and work with Spirit is the hardest yet the easiest thing you can do. What stops us from that clear connection? Our subconscious mind. That voice that questions anything different you try to do. These workshops are fun and informative.


Where are you in your Karmic Cycle?

2009 I studied Hypnosis here and in the USA and soon learnt that our success is influenced by our past.  After writing my first book, and seeing themes coming from clients where we could identify cyclic changes I was able to identify the cause. Our past can present itself in our present life to influence our future, good or bad. Where do you sit in your karmic cycle. Learn about your cycles in this workshop.

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