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Basic Tarot and Card Reading Online Workshop


“I love these Courses”

This class is an ongoing introduction to card reading. The course includes everything from how to pick a deck, basic information on
the suits, different card spreads and much more! This course will have you reading cards immediately.

  • The Basic Rules and Ethics around Card Reading
  • Picking a deck
  • Understanding your deck
  • Caring for your deck
  • Layouts
  • How to phrase a question
  • How to trust your messages
  • Reading for others
  • How to read any deck of cards, even playing cards
  • Predictions

As we advance we will go into Topics such as Split and Soul Mates, Soul Flames and whatever else comes up


“love these workshops”

Sessions are every Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm by a Group Room link which will be sent to you.

How to Read Cards

You can start anytime and finish anytime. This is an ongoing programme that runs every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 8:30pm. There could one person or a few. It is Question and Answer type session where you will learn what is stated above. Plus more. It is $25 per session. Simply buy how many sessions you want. Join anytime.


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Tuesday’s How to Read Cards and other stuff Workshop

“I really enjoyed the lessons. I certainly would recommend this to total beginners”
Beth S.

“The lesson was excellent and well structured. I now have a much better understanding
Mason D.

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