Happy Earth Day Earth Signs

(Love is all around us) This song is running through my mind. This means to me that you are advised to do what you love, be around people you love so you attract more of the good stuff.

If you do not trust, are you missing out on life?

Over the past couple of years, our ability to trust has been somewhat challenging and noticeable as a community.   However, lack of trust has always been within us, that inner voice triggered by actions that result in us pulling away from people as we no longer trust them because they hurt us.

How is your year of change going?

Every Day in Every Way you are Getting Better and Better Your subconscious mind has many beliefs, be it around motivation, stress, anxiety or weight loss. You might automatically think: It is impossible to change. These unconscious thoughts – which are shaped by memories, experiences and expectations – ultimately drive our conscious actions, and we... Continue Reading →

What is an Empath?

Do you often feel deeply tuned in to the feelings of people around you? Do crowds make you uncomfortable? Would you (or the people closest to you) describe yourself as a sensitive person?

The Magic of October

The 31st of October it’s all about Halloween where the veil between this world and the spirit world is thinner and it's when the spirit is around us.

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