Brigid has been consulting as a psychic medium for over 30 years, she runs workshops and is a metaphysical writer.

Reiki Energy Oil and Spiritual Guide incense Set

Amazing aroma I use all the time 10ml with only a drop needed. The bottle will last for ages. Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Candlewood reduces stress and great for meditations Padmini Spiritual Guide Hexa Incense fragrance of fresh sandalwood based scent. box contains 20 incense sticks. I use these when I do readings or any sort of spiritual connection work Incl postage Nationwide.


Finding the Psychic Within book

As above, this book is the basis of the Mediumship workshops. It will take you through all aspects of Mediumship  This book covers all aspects of Spirituality and how to use it.  In this book I will talk about;   Awareness, Opening Up, It’s all about the business, Spirituality, Guides, God, Energy, Readings, The Afterlife, Split Souls, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Healing, Mediumship, Exercises to do, Who are your Guides,  80 pages softcover Incl Postage


Finding the Calm within yourself. Are you ready to do the work!

This book has been designed to assist you in your charge, asking you those difficult questions. Unblocking blocks, understanding your past and creating a new life This book is a workbook where you will be asked those difficult questions to understand yourself, the threads from the past. An easy to read book that will take a weekend to work through. You will be astounded by what you learn about yourself. I have written this book as part of a programme. On its on or within the programme will prove successful for you


44 Days of Transformation

A full instrustration of the card version. 44 days of inspiration. Simply pick a page to motivate your day.


The transformation cards I use in my readings

These cards were inspired by my books. I use them daily in my readings 44 cards, self explanatory. Poker size cards so not clumsy like the bigger tarot cards.. Cards based on the book. Transform your Psyche Incl postage


Spiritual Energy, Pure Sage Soy Intuitive Candles Large

Beautifully created candles for the Soul. Pure Sage for cleansing and clarity Incl Postage for Non Rural. The scents can be swapped around 200ml x 3.5 inch. Large cut glass with lid. $29 postage non rural $4.50


Transform your Psyche your journal to self discovery Book

You can read more on this book here Includes Postage


Spiritual Soy Energy Candles for empowerment Large cut glass with lid

Spiritual Energy and empowerment candles. I use them in my development workshops and when with clients. Ideal for Reiki rooms, massage rooms etc Main smells- Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Sandalwood. An aroma that immediately calms and balances. A unique blend that has worked development and meditation for years. Incl Postage NON Rural $29 plus $4.50


Intuitively created Soy candles just for you

Meditation Candles are now available A unique subtle blend to caress your senses and guide you into a relaxed state for Meditation Size: 6.6 x 4 cm/2.60 x 1.57 inch Capacity: 70ml Soy Can be re filled postage included Scents – Pure Sage or Energy Reiki ( see above)


Fantastic soy candle Francincense, Myrrh, Ginger

Pure Soy and essence Includes postage Non Rural 90ml beautiful Amber/Brown cut macaron glass Other scents. Sage,. $19.90 Incl Postage Non Rural


Pendulum divination cloth – Celtic knot tree of life design

Pendulum divination cloth large pendulum excl but are available from $15. 24 x 30 in Celtic knot tree of life design Includes Postage. $24.00


Trouble Sleeping? Sleepy Time Goloka Essential Oil Blend

I use this for my sessions. Goloka Essential Oil Blends 10ml Goloka essential oils are made from the finest quality ingredients with the essential oil extracted by the most efficient methods to get the most intense quality fragrances. Sleep Time Natural Essential Oil Blend Juniper Berry has blended with the royal fragrances of Cedarwood and Frankincense, and the most soothing Lavender, Chamomile and Sweet Orange. See other listings #sleep #insomina #stress #anxiety


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